Quarter Midget Racing centers around small competition cars scaled down to one fourth the size of Midget Race Cars, and are driven by children between 5 and 15 years of age on a 1/20th mile dirt or asphalt oval.

Quarter Midgets of America, Inc. was formed for the purpose of establishing rules concerning safety, car and engine specifications, racing program conduct and general track conduct. The national association covers the United States and Canada with 13 Regions consisting of 57 clubs. There are many tracks within easy driving distance holding races on scattered dates including Local, Regional, States and Grand National Races held each year, so it is possible to find a Quarter Midget race somewhere almost any weekend.

The purpose of the organization is to create and maintain a clean, safe sport, which may be enjoyed by father, son, mother and daughter in a close relationship with better sportsmanship.

To acquaint the younger generation with the handling of mechanical devices, coordination, alertness and ability to handle motor driven vehicles.

To impress the younger generation with the ideas of fairness, generosity and a sense of responsibility, without envy of others.

Few other sports permit all members of the family to participate. The kids do the driving while other family members serve as pit crews, chief mechanics, scorers, timekeepers and operators of concession stands or novelty booths. All persons assisting donate their services gratuitously.